Nora Khaldi Ireland’s representative in Luxembourg

Ireland has proudly announced that Doctor Nora Khaldi will represent Ireland at the SME Assembly in Luxembourg in November. Minister for Business and Employment, Ged Nash, is very pleased with the nomination. “I very much welcome the nomination and participation of Dr Nora Khaldi in this initiative. I believe this event offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the pioneering ideas emanating from Ireland and being driven by innovative entrepreneurs like Dr Khaldi.”

Nora is a mathematician with a PhD in Molecular Evolution and founder of Nuritas. Nuritas is a company that has revolutionized the discovery of health-benefiting molecules using artificial intelligence and DNA sequencing analysis.

Nora was the first scientist ever to show gene transfer between multi-cellular species and the first to show that fungal species could exchange chemicals to outcompete other species. In 2008 she won the Irish Research Council Award and in 2010 she won the Marie Curie Award.


Watch Nora Khaldi’s talk at TEDxUCD in 2013.

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